Last week was our birthday but we almost forgot. Luckily we were able to celebrate our 21st birthday in a very special way

Since we started in 1997 we work together with the ‘House of Bread’ project in Ukraine. That means 21 years of working together and we feel that that’s very special. We try to work together with them and help them as often as we possibly can with the many projects they have.

‘House of Bread’ supports multiple hospitals in the Zitomir region with patients that got cancer as a result of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1988. Besides this they support refugees from the war torn Eastern Ukraine by providing shelter, food and clothing. They also have 10 soup kitchens in the region where approx. 650 people, who live in poverty, can get a warm meal. Mostly the elderly that can’t get by on their pensions.

Last week, on our birthday, we sent a truck full of aid to them. The truck was full of hospital beds, blankets, clothing and other items that are needed over there.

We hope that in the future we can work together with them as much as possible and to deliver more aid to their projects.

Do you also want to support and help with this? Please consider making a donation so that together we can send more aid to Ukraine.



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