Daxil Addi Ismael is 27 years old and comes from the Shangal region in Iraqi Kurdistan. He has a wife and 5 children. (3 boys and 2 girls). They had to flee from ISIS because they are Yazidis. They now live in the Kanakawa community outside of the refugee camps. Together with many others they can’t get inside the camps and therefore don’t get any help from the government or organisations.

Because Ismael suffers from a liver disease he can’t perform hard labour and isn’t able to provide for his family.

Before he and his family fled from ISIS Ismael was a shepherd and a bee keeper. In the past year he started keeping bees again. With one simple fixed comb hive he started producing honey. This was a smart move because this allowed him to simply be Ismael again. He also saw an opportunity to earn some money with the beekeeping and being able to provide for his family again

Ismael asked for some help from the organisation Nation to Nation so that he can properly set up a bee farm. After a couple of interviews with the organisation it became clear that he has great passion for beekeeping and definitely had the skills and knowledge to set up a bee farm. Nation to Nation decided to give him 10 fixed comb hives to help him start up. However he needs 10 more of these hives to be able to take care of his family properly.

It’s amazing to see how much passion Ismael has when he is in the field working with his bees. He managed to keep a positive attitude in a very difficult situation and works hard every day so that his children can have the best possible future. That’s why Ismael is very grateful for all the help he’s been getting.

To help him get his business up and running he does need a few more things. He needs a Honey Spinner (€500) and 10 more hives (€125 per hive)

We love to support these kinds of initiatives and will make sure Ismael gets a Honey Spinner. So all he really needs now are 10 hives. Do you also want to support Ismael and his small business in beekeeping? Then it would be great if you consider making a (small) donation to get him started.

Donations can be made to the following bank account:
To: St. Humanitaire Hulpgoederen
Subject: N2N IRAQ

Thanks so much!

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