A little over a month ago we were all shocked by the news about the earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Immediately it became clear that there were many deadly victims, thousands missing and around 70.000 people had to flee and became homeless.

All these people live in camps in small little tents with way too many people without any sanitary facilities. This increases the risk of health issues and diseases. It truly is an inhumane situation.

The director of FZS, an organisation we often work with, went to Indonesia to see what can be done and how to help to improve the situation of all these people. Because what he witnessed was incredibly sad and inhumane.

He found out that to build sanitary facilitations for 1000 people 900 euros is needed. This means that there will be a showers and (clean) toilets and will decrease the risk of disease and infection. Besides that, everyone deserves a (clean) toilet and shower. So he immediately started to work together with local partners to realise this.

He also looked for other ways to help and what else was needed and started to help with distributions of aid. Food and other items.

To continue the sanitary project and the aid distribution help and money is needed.

Do you want to help? You can help by donating.

Sanitary facilities for 1000 people cost about 900 euro so every euro counts. Together we can help these people and improve their situation.



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